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Hi guys!

Today’s the first time I write about an actual trip I made. Last week I went to the city of Strasbourg with school to visit the European Parliament. The pictures are from my mobile phone, so the quality isn’t that great…

Wednesday we were expected to be at school at 6 am, really not the best time if you ask me, but okay. After a bus ride of eight hours, interrupted by a stop to eat, we reached our destination.

2014-02-06 14.58.21

In the centrum of Strasbourg we had some free time to shop and we visited the Notre Dame cathedral. This cathedral was built between 1276 and 1439 and is one of the most famous cathedrals of Strasbourg. When you stand before this building it’s really impressive! On both the in and outside of the building were a huge amount of statues of sanctified people, the disciples, Mary and Jesus. It also was a possibility to climb on the roof of the cathedral, from where you could see the whole city, but I preferred to shop, so I just googled for some pictures. (:

2014-02-05 14.31.29

2014-02-05 15.52.44

2014-02-05 15.53.32

2014-02-06 14.12.44


Our diner was at the youth hostel where we would spend the night. After some rest and an evening full of fun we walked over a bridge which led to Germany. So after riding through our own country, Belgium, Luxembourg and France our fifth country that day was Germany, country-hopping on a higher level.

2014-02-05 22.59.57

After a few hours of sleep we had breakfast and we left the youth hostel and went to the European Parliament. After we got some explaining about how the parliament works, a euro parliamentarian told us some things about his work, really interesting to hear!

2014-02-06 08.43.10

2014-02-06 08.45.02

2014-02-06 08.58.05

2014-02-06 09.03.03

Then we finally went to the parliamentary hall, the place where all the debating finds places. When you see the whole room from the public balcony it’s really impressive. There’s place for 766 parliamentarians, but unfortunately there were only sixty parliamentarians when we were there.

2014-02-06 11.14.25

2014-02-06 11.15.05

2014-02-06 11.15.40

After we left the parliament we had a tour in the older part of the city, a quarter called Petit France and we had some free time before we left Strasbourg.

2014-02-06 13.32.04

2014-02-06 14.52.38

After a long ride I arrived back home with a lot of new experiences and some great memories. Oh, and also with a new black bomber jacket, a destroyed jeans, a blue maxi-dress, triangle bracelets, an orange summer dress, a black top and two bandeaus. (:

So this was the first travel report, next one’s up in two weeks I guess!

Love, Myrthe.


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