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Hello there!

I’m really, really ashamed right now. It has been more than two months since my last post. Yes, that one where I said you could expect the next post within a week. I’m sorry..

In the last two months I wanted to write a lot of times (among other things my trip to London!), but there was one thing on my to-do-list. My winter sport blog. I don’t know what it is, but I just didn’t want to write it. So this post won’t be a diary of what I did, just my favourite pictures with descriptions.

_G201350 & _G201351 One of the things I love about traveling is seeing the landscape change while I’m on my way to my destination. Despite the fact that Germany isn’t my favourite country to spend the holidays, I love to drive through it. The Dutch fields make place for the rolling hills with fields of bright, yellow rapeseed flowers, little villages or woods.

_G201355 - Here you can see how much space I had in the car… Crammed between a big weekend bag, my own bag, the Mango coat I wear normally, my ski-jack and lots of other stuff.

_G201367 - After driving for about seven hours we arrived at our place to stay for the next week. We had a part of the first floor, you can see our balcony on the front! Our house doesn’t lay in the snow, because of the high temperatures, but in our skiing area, there’s snow enough, luckily.

2014-02-16 09.12.31 -

_G201374 -

_G201378 - Normally I really don’t like walking, but it changed. What started as a quick Sunday walk outside on to take some pictures of the house and the view ended in a hike through the woods for more than 90 minutes. I found a path, all covered with snow witch lead into the woods. I followed it for about half an hour and then I just walked through the woods without any direction. And that was probably the best part of my hike, just walking with my camera and headphones, nothing else.

Camera3 I tried to capture the beauty of the forest, but you must have been there..

_G201387 -









Camera4 You see the scratches on my head? I’m not that good of a skier I think.. Landed on my head.

Even though it’s already a few months back, the holiday was great! I’ll never stop loving the feeling of the wind going through your hair when you’re going down the slope.

Hopefully my next post will appear quicker than this one. I’ll do my best (:

Love, Myrthe.


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