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Hi guys!

A few weeks ago I went to England with school. It was an a-ma-zing week! Londen is great and so were all the other places we’ve been to. For English I had to write a short essay about it, and because I’m lazy, I’m also using it as text for this blog (:


I love feeling the wind blowing through my hair and hearing the sound of water splashing against the sides of the boat. And that in combination with some of my best friends, made an amazing start of our trip. We took the ferry from Calais to Dover and drove further to Canterbury to visit the Cathedral.

Even though we wouldn’t spend much time in our host families, you could feel the tension in the bus right before we arrived at the meeting point. We were picked up by a neighbour of our host, because she didn’t had a car herself. We barely spoke with her the whole week, but she was a sweet woman.

London was one of the capital cities I had not previously visited, and I really loved it. The cute coffee bars you see on every corner, Oxford Street with all his amazing shops, the amazing fashionable people, the famous attractions like the Big Ben, the house of Parliaments and the London Eye, the lovely clean language and the atmosphere of this metropolis. It’s just an amazing city.
We visited Oxford, the city which will always be connected with its prestigious college, on Thursday. After looking around on the campus and in the church we went punting. It’s great how many ways we discovered to move forward, unfortunately the right way wasn’t working for us…
The last, and after London my favourite, thing we did in England was walking on the cliffs of Dover. While we had a nice breeze and the sun shining in our faces we walked along the edge of the cliffs. It was a great ending of this wonderful week.

Here are a few of my photo’s of this week, well, maybe a few isn’t the good word..

































Love, Myrthe.


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